A uniquely
different process


Comprehensive after-sale


I am a multi-skilled
and refined art creator.

My clients are located worldwide, many and varied. They are major international cruise seeking to create a multi-facetted artistic experience for their clients. Both interiors and exteriors are transformed by our touch.

I can work with budgets of all sizes and have no problem dealing with even short deadlines. As a team, we are passionate about what we do.

From the creation of original concepts through to total planning, installation, completion and maintenance, our service is all-encompassing and exhaustive.

What makes
us different?

We don't just work closely with our craftsmen, we identify with their art, collaborating and networking with time-honoured artisans, architects and designers to produce complete collections and one-off individual pieces that are totally unique and unsurpassed in quality.

With our Italian roots, we are able to link with manufacturers in areas such as Tuscany to source exquisite marble for use as a base materials; sculptures, figurines, frames – all can be supplied at competitive prices and are of unrivaled quality.

Each of these collaborations brings distinct expertise to every project, contributing to our exhaustive understanding of art and design. Add to this broad network our experience of logistics and installation management and you have a team able to create glamorous and captivating inspirational spaces where art meets culture. The result is the production of unforgettable, exclusive and commercially successful locations that enthrall and inspire.